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  Music for Creative Dance: Contrast & Continuum.

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Creative Dance Ideas for Volume I

  All in One
  Fiddlers Three
  The Add-On Machine
  Lucky Stiff
  Echo Lady Who
  Chirpa, Chirpa
  Adagio for Two Violins
  Western East
  Jammin' On the Porch
  Stone Soup
  The Road to Neah Bay



Creative Dance Ideas for Volume II

  Bee Beat
  Pharoh's Waltz
  Skippy Ska
  Ski Reel
  Pastorale   Caribbean Leaps
  Little Bolero
Travel Notes--a suite:
    American Fiddler
    Andean Altitude
    Saharan Campsite
    Indian Incense
    Balinese Mask
    Koto Moment
    Celtic Knot
  Circular Journey
Potpourri II


Creative Dance Ideas for Volume III

  Dakota Dawn
  Rock'n Stop
  The Bayou Both-Step
  Raggedy March
  Tempo Tantrum
  Morning Fours
  I say, You Say
  Fiddle Fantasy
  Variations in Three
  Mr. E
  Celtic Suite
  Skip the Jig
  Planxty Irwin
Potpourri III


Creative Dance Ideas for Volume IV

  TV Dinner
  Walt's Waltz
  Celtic Groove
  Bottle Rocket
  Monkey Fiddle Chant
  Back At Ya
  Skippity Jig
  Oslo Walk
  Up & At 'Em
  Totem Pole
Contrast Concerto:
  Breath Meditation
Potpourri IV



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